English & Maths Skills

We can only accept learners aged 19 on 31 August 2017 and over only.

English & Maths Functional Skills

Improve your reading, writing & number skills

Who are these classes for?

If you went to school in the UK or your spoken English is at native, or near-native level then our Functional Skills classes are for you.

You may feel that your English or Maths skills stop you getting where you need to be. You may want a better job or wish you could help your children with their homework. We can help!

Functional Skills are those core elements of English and Maths that provide you with the essential knowledge, skills and understanding that will help you to be more confident and effective in life and at work.

All our English and maths courses are accredited. You will be required to take an exam at the end of the course and if successful you will gain a Functional Skills qualification.

Our Functional Skills courses can also help you with other courses that you can study at College such as Childcare, Health and Social Care, Computing and Graphic Design courses.

Where and when are the classes?

Our English and Maths Functional Skills classes run at our main site at Crowndale Road, Camden Town, NW1 1TR. We have classes in the daytime, evening or on Saturdays to suit you. Classes start in September 2017 and January 2018 and we may have some classes starting in April 2018.

How do I enrol?

To get your place on our Maths or English Functional Skills classes you must take an assessment to ensure you are placed on the right level class. All learners will be asked to complete an assessment even if you have studied maths and English at another college.

It is expected that you will do some self-study every week to ensure success, more in the time before the exam. You must be able to commit to coming to every class and completing self-study as required.

An assessment/interview is needed for the GCSE courses – please check the dates for the assessment sessions.

Please allow up to 2.5 hours for your assessment. You need to bring your passport or ID and proof of any previous English and Maths qualifications, and arrange childcare for your children.

To book an assessment, visit the college at 44 Crowndale Road, NW1 1TR, or email: enrol@wmcollege.ac.uk or call on: 020 7255 4759 today.


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  • I have enrolled functional skills math level 2 when I have been assessed. Then I turned up the day but there was no class for me.

    It was not a good start ! up to now no follow up.

    suleiman Osman Reply
    • Hi Suleiman, can you just double check your receipt on the dates and times please? It might be best to call us on: 020 7255 4700 so that we can double check your details on the system too. Thanks

      Mandip Bilkhu Reply
  • Hello,
    I completed entry 3 English and would like to continue with Level 1

    Vili Karatanova Reply
    • HI

      You need to contact us on: 020 7255 4700 or email: enrol@wmcollege.ac.uk to find out how to get onto Level 1.

      Mandip Bilkhu Reply
  • Hello,
    I passed all my level 2 English ESOL exams, could you help to find what could be the next step for me ? Always in mind to improve my English skills.
    Thank you for your help,

    stephanie Reply
    • Hi Stephanie, can you call the college on: 020 7255 4700 or email: enrol@wmcollege.ac.uk to find out what your next steps can be. Thanks

      Mandip Bilkhu Reply
  • Can I please register for functional skills in maths and English level 2 pls.

    Yonette Reply
    • Hi, you will need to call the college on: 020 7255 4700 or email: enrol@wmcollege.ac.uk as these courses require an assessment before you can enrol. Thanks

      Mandip Bilkhu Reply

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