Advanced Learning Loans

WMC Camden College North London

If you are aged 19 or over (at 31 August 2016) at the start of your course, you are studying an eligible course at Level 3 or above, and you have UK residency, then you are likely to qualify for a Government loan to help pay for your course fees.

The Advanced Learning Loans have been introduced by the Government to support learners in further education in a similar way to university loans for higher education learners. Your household income isn’t taken into account, there’s no credit check and you won’t pay anything back until you’ve completed your course and you are earning over £21,000 per year.

You can take out a loan for the entire cost of your course or you can pay some of it yourself and take out a loan for the rest of the fee, subject to a minimum loan of £300.

Courses that qualify for loan funding are identified in the course guide or online together with the fee payable. The College does not receive any other funding for these learners and so the full cost of the course has to be covered through the loan or directly by you.

The loans are administered by Student Finance England (a Student Loans Company service) on behalf of the UK Government and you can find out more information from the Government website

More information about Advanced Learning Loans, how they work and how to apply is also available by talking to a member of the Learner Services Team but please note that College staff cannot advise you whether or not a loan is right for you or whether to take out a loan. You should consider all your options for funding your course and should also consider taking independent financial advice through the Money Advice Service. Visit their website at

If you are in receipt of an Advanced Learning Loan, there is also a bursary fund at the College to which you can apply for support with other costs such as travel, materials or childcare while you study. Please ask a member of our Learner Services Team for more information.

Don’t let finances be a barrier to studying

The College has some additional funding available from the Government to support you with costs of travelling to College, buying materials for your course or for covering childcare costs while you study. There is a simple application process and the funds are means-tested. You will continue to receive support and payment as long as your attendance and progress on your course is satisfactory.

The College also sets aside a small amount of its own funds to provide support with course fees for students on very low income. Talk to one of our Learner Services team to find out more about these ways of gaining financial support for your studies and how to apply.

If you are 19 or over and are offered a place on one of our Level 3 courses, we will give you a letter setting out your options and giving you the information you need if you decide to apply for a loan.

When you apply for your loan

To complete your loan application form you will need the following information:

  • the College’s UKPRN number: 10007636
  • your course’s learning aim reference number which can be obtained from Learner Services.